Top 5 Best Horror Games for Android in 2022

Scary Horror Games for Android can be a bit overwhelming. Not everyone enjoys being scared and trapped while trying to escape, or trying to solve a puzzle while a ghost is chasing. 

While there are tons of horror games available for mobile. This is not because the touch screen and HD graphics make it easier to get closer to the action. Get ready for goosebumps and jump scares. We provide you a comprehensive list of top 5 best horror games for Android in 2022.

It’s very exciting to solve scary riddles and be scared of the virtual world of ghosts, clowns & demons around you.

We have compiled a full list of 5 best horror games for android that we think everyone would enjoy. These are the most popular horror games by our review team and many of them can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

1. Death Park 2: Horror Clown

Game Link : Death Park 2: Horror Clown

Death Park 2: Horror Clown is one of the most terrifying and disturbing horror games ever. That is why it gets the first place on our review list of best horror games in 2020.

The game starts with a city which is  full of monsters, creepy secrets & adventure. Save your family members from the clown by taking action. Learn more about Death Park and the origins of the frightening clown.

Are you up to the challenge of fighting your  dark nightmares, and other creepy monsters that have invaded our land in the game. You’re the one who is able to solve all the scary puzzles in this horror tale.

Death Park 2 Horror Clown in post image Best Horror Games for Android in 2022

You will need to visit 8 locations, including hospitals, cemeteries, sewers, military bases, and streets. To solve riddles, fight scary clowns and other monsters, you will need to be able to switch between the real world and nightmares.

Key Features of the Game:

  • Clown, Monsters and Ghosts
  • Multiple Endings : The outcome is up to you
  • Huge City: 8 different locations in one
  • Full of jump scare gameplay, screamers and a terrifying atmosphere make this the ultimate virtual horror experience.

2. Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobiel is a multiplayer horror and action game in 4 versus 1 format.

One ruthless Killer hunts four survivors to escape a gruesome end.

You can Play with Friends

In this dangerous & horrifying game of hide-and-seek, players can feel the adrenaline rush of becoming Killer or Survivor. You can survive with your friends or as a group. You can play as a Killer to sacrifice survivors to The Entity. 

This 4 Versus 1 survival horror game is sure to delight all players, regardless of whether you like making your friends laugh or cry. Unexpected moments and memorable jump scares await you with 5 players sharing the Killing Grounds.

Player Can Play Iconic Characters

Dead by Daylight Mobile features iconic characters from some of the great horror franchises like. Leatherface, Michael Myers, SAW’s Amanda Young, Ghost Face, and Silent Hill(tm). You’ll love their diverse range of licensed characters. If players want to play as one their Survivors they can still enjoy the cult classics with beloved heroes such as Laurie Strode from Halloween, SAW(r),’s David Tapp and Left for Dead’s Bill Overbeck.

Best Horror Games for Android in 2022 Dead by Daylight Mobile in post image

Continues Update and Deep Progression System

Dead by Daylight Mobile gives players a wide variety of in-game experiences. These include randomly generated maps and perks that are tailored to specific characters. You will receive regular updates that include a variety of events and new content regularly.

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Best Horror games for Android in 2022 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 in post image

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is a bit expensive game from its other rivals, features a new cast of characters alongside new graphics. In this game players can also be linked to virtual criminal databases. This will ensure that they put on an entertaining and safe show for all.

Player job as a night security guard is to watch cameras and ensure that nothing happens after hours. He complained that the characters tried to enter the office, and he was moved to day-shift. To make their job easier, game developers have provided players with a Freddy Fazbear empty Freddy head.

This should fool animatronic characters into thinking you are not there if they accidentally enter your office.

4. Evil Nun 2

Evil Nun 2 in post image

Evil Nun 2 is the second game from developers! But this time, game entered entirely new level of terror and scare in the Nun Games School!

Keplerians horror game the developer of this game already developer some of the best horror games for android, so don’t wait and get started. This will be your new favorite horror game if you’ve ever wanted to experience a huge Evil Nun update.

You love horror games 3D, haunted houses, escape games, and all other types of horror games. This scary granny’s is the most terrifying, according to all horror games you have ever played.

Evil Nun is back! In Evil Nun 2 This is why we’re bringing it in or list of Best horror games for android in 2022.  

In this horror game you will be facing dangers that are as serious as Mr. Meat or Rod, the terrifying ice cream man from Ice Scream. 

Evil Nun 2 is the scariest of all the scary games. It will make you more scared than any horror story. This game is not for young kid.

Evil Nun Part 2 will provide you with an incredible terror experience. However, it will also reveal the dark past and secrets of Sister Madeline.

5. Horrorfield Multiplayer horror

Horrorfield is an incredibly terrifying horror action game. This scary online hide-and-seek game can be played with your friends or siblings in real-time. Are you going to be caught by a serial killer? Or will you escape being a survivor! Survival multiplayer games let you decide! You will feel like the main character in a terrifying slasher movie if you recall horror films about Jason the cult-maniac and Friday the 13th. It’s time for you to be afraid

You are invited to the terrifying maniac monster lair. 

Join the 7 survivors to choose your role and learn new skills:

  • BASKETBALL PLAYER – can escape from the murderer quicker than other players.
  • DOCTOR –  heals him and other victims.
  • ENGINEER –  can repair generators, craft armors, and built weapons faster.
  • THIEF – is able to conceal from serial killers with high stealth and agility.
  • MERCENARY –  is a courageous soldier who doesn’t fear psycho.
  • SCIENTIST – can improve/modify military equipment and spread his knowledge to other survivors and players.

Horrorfield Multiplayer horror in post image

The murderer can be caught by the police officer. 

The survivors will work together to devise a strategy, join forces and escape the evil lair of the psychopath. To outlast the psycho killer’s hunt, you will use different skills and resources to hide online.

Discover an abandoned monster lair filled with terrifying traps and hidden places, just like the most haunted games.

You must not scream or the butcher maniacs will find you. You can outlast the psycho killer attack if you keep calm.

You have two options: escape the serial killer as soon as you can or face the terrifying butcher.

To turn on power and unlock the exit door, make sure all generators are repaired.

If you don’t have shelter, run faster to escape a terrifying escape mission. You must survive to avoid endless nightmares and torture. It is waiting for its heroes in multiplayer horror survival. Beware of serial killers and join this agony-filled game!

Perhaps you have always longed to invoke the worst fear in your life, such as Jason Voorhees, the terrifying killer. 

You can also take the side of a bloodthirsty, disgusting psychopath using the saw.

You can play as four kind psychopaths each with their own skills and a distinctive hunting style.

  • BUTCHER destroys generators to stop the victim from fleeing.
  • CULTIST is a deranged monster who has escaped the mental hospital and longs to kill the survivors.
  • GHOST can travel through walls and terrorize its victims like a true poltergeist.
  • BEAST hungry werewolf monster, which can transform into a bloodthirsty Wolf.

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