The Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS in 2022

There are so many photo editing apps to choose from. Which ones are the best for iPhone?

This guide will show you the 5 best photo editing apps for iOS in 2022, regardless of whether you are looking for free or paid features.

The iPhone camera can be a great tool for photographers. However, you will need to edit the image to get the best results.

Many of the Photo Editing Apps listed below are also available on iPad, and Android smartphones.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Best photo editing apps for iOS in 2022 that you should have on your phone today.

1. Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor in post image

App Link: Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor

Many would agree that Adobe Lightroom is the best iPhone photo editing app. You will need more convincing than what we just said. Let’s take a look at some good reasons, Lightroom is the best iOS editing app. We will talk about the flaws of Lightroom as well.

We like the freedom of RAW photos editing. Very few photo editors can handle larger files. Lightroom is one of those few that does, and it does so beautifully. You can use RAW images from your phone, and you can also use photos taken with any other camera including professional-grade DSLRs.

Lightroom mobile is a full-featured editing app that rivals desktop software. You can adjust exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows as well as whites, blacks and other colors. There is an auto edit button, cool profiles and other options for automated editing.

Many photo editing apps for smartphones have a mobile-optimized user interface (UI), but Lightroom’s is unique because it combines professional-grade editing with a friendly design which everyone can use with ease. The buttons are quite large and the image layout is well designed and sized.

2. Apple Photos

Apple Photos in post image

App Link : Apple Photos

Apple Photos app is as you know make my mighty Apple itself. This app is free and comes default with every single iPhone out there. It has some basic features like Rotate, Auto Enhance or Share your photos before you begin editing. Click on a photo to open the Edit panel. 

The main options for editing are Adjust, Filters and Crop. You will also find quick-edit options such as Auto Enhance and Heart, Info, Rotate.

We’re proud to say that the Enhance auto-correct is one of our favorites. Apple Photos can detect when an image requires darkening. Auto-correct tools tend to brighten most photos. We also love that the tool shows exactly what adjustments have been made, which is a feature shared by Lightroom.

The Brilliance adjustment can reduce highlights and boost shadows simultaneously. This can make images look more balanced. All the tools that we use to control lighting are available: Exposure, Highlights and Shadows, Brightness & Contrast. You can access controls for Vignette, Levels and Noise Reduction as well as Sharpen and Definition Histogram, another powerful tool that can be used to alter image tones.

The app’s noise reduction function works just as well as the rest, smoothing out graininess.

3. Werble

Werble Photo & Video Animator in post

App Link : Werble

Werble photo editing app allows you to quickly combine a wide range of powerful animating arts and special effects in your photos. Then share the result with friends on social media. You can either create the result with streamlined tools or simply roll the dice to randomize the final look until it suits you. You can personalize your loop library to suit your needs. Mix different loops, images, and effects together and you will be amazed at your creativity! 

Werble is the perfect tool for professional photographers, Concept artists and selfie enthusiasts around the globe.

Werble’s Key Features are follows

  • In seconds, create stunning social media posts
  • Post to all social media networks (Instagram Facebook Twitter Twitter etc.)
  • Make animated cover videos and Facebook profile photos
  • You can create animated GIFs or videos.
  • Fun, quick and simple to use
  • Combining multiple images and effects
  • A huge range of effects
  • There are endless artistic possibilities

4. ON1 Photo RAW

on1 photo raw for mobile in post image

App Link : ON1 Raw Mobile

ON1 RAW Mobile allows you to capture, edit and organize your photos on the move. This photo editing app can capture professional-grade raw format photos with all the manual controls that you need and edit anywhere you like.

It has powerful masking tools to make targeted edits on your photos. You can apply changes to one area of your photo and adjust the tone, color and sharpening sliders for that area. These adjustments can be made using the Adjustment Brush and Masking Bug shapes.

This app has a powerful raw processing engine which allows you to adjust the tone and color of the photos.

The Retouch Brush can be used to correct minor imperfections and distracting elements. This tool examines the surrounding areas of your image and fills the brush area with an area of the same color and texture.

Powerful masking tools and professional-grade filters. Use filters such as Vignette and Black and White, Dynamic Contrast and Vignette to create your own look. Multiple filters can be combined to create a signature look. Masking tools are available for targeted editing. This collection contains the most popular factory presets that will speed up your workflow while delivering professional results.

5. Distressed FX

Distressed FX in post imgae

App Link : Distressed FX

Distressed FX photo editor is an iPad and iPhone app that creates distressed images from photos using textures. Although the app includes enough functionality for this purpose, it is not designed specifically for it. The textures are often not compatible with photos and can cause them to look a bit shabby. Texturing is more than adding a layer to a photo. It requires versatile textures.

Distressed FX allows you to choose between taking a photo with the in-app camera and importing one from your phone’s albums. Before effects can be applied, images must first be cropped into a square format. You can access a variety of textures and colored overlays from the main screen. These can be combined to create different looks. To switch between them, tap on the icon at the bottom right corner.

Both overlays and textures can be adjusted to adjust various settings to blend the filters with the original. There are slider controls that can be used to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation as well as opacity. You can access the settings by clicking on the sliders icon in the upper left corner.

The blur feature is an added bonus and works well with the textures. You can choose from two types of blur, which are available in most tilt-shift generators. They are round and linear. Drag and pinch the screen to move or resize the blurred areas. Blur does not alter the texture of the original image. You can add elements to the frame and blur them out, but it will not change the overall appearance of the image.

The images created with Distressed FX are also available for saving to your device’s albums, sending via email, uploading to Dropbox or sharing on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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