The Top 5 Best Language Learning Apps [2022]

Language learning apps are beneficial in developing your language skills. Every linguist is aware of the importance of human interactions as an integral aspect of learning a new language, which is why it’s crucial to search for programs for language learning that provide an option to hear and converse with native speakers of the chosen language. 5 Best Language Learning Apps of 2022 will help you find the best app out there.

It’s also beneficial when apps simulate real-life situations as well as tell stories that offer cultural context. Apps focused on building vocabulary can be helpful however they should only be used alongside classes or other tools for learning. There’s been very few studies on the effectiveness of apps for learning languages

Language learning apps can aid intermediate and beginners to establish a solid base. If you’re looking to know enough to make a cup of coffee, these apps can help assist you in getting there. Fluency is a matter of immersion and understanding in any form, whether it’s through speaking to native speakers, studying in a class or by reading books or watching films.

We decided to make the search easier by creating 5 of our most loved mobile apps for learning languages. Some of them you’re likely to be familiar with, but there are also fresh treasures!


Platforms : Android, iOS & Web

Pricing : Free & Subscription 

There are many options available on the market that allow users to begin with just only a couple of clicks. There are a lot of options. Duolingo is the most well-known application for learning the language of your choice.

It has a wide range of exercises that can be done at your own pace to help you develop an understanding of the basics of several languages or revisit the one you’ve already learned. 

It’s the most popular free language application available as well as our Editors Choice winner. In comparison to paid apps it’s amazing that Duolingo is still a top choice among the top software programs to learn a language. 

Are you able to master the language you are learning if you use just Duolingo as a tool to learn? No. 

It’s not what language-learning apps can do. They enhance your learning and provide you with the opportunity to practice every day and that’s just one aspect of learning the language. 

Although Duolingo provides instruction in several languages, some are more effective than others. For instance, if you are trying to learn Spanish for the first time as an English native, you’ll get podcasts with interactive short stories and even gatherings with other students . The more specialized languages don’t offer the same amount of content, but they do have. But, Duolingo is one of the most effective apps for learning languages to help you learn a new language or to enhance the skills you already have. It offers a variety of exercises and works on both mobile and desktop devices.

2. Babbel 

Platforms : Android, iOS & Web

Pricing : Free & Subscription 

Babbel’s cost and features makes it among the most popular apps for language that are available today. In general, the features and information in the Babbel app are remarkably like other apps for learning languages similar to Duolingo, however they’re generally superior in quality and intense.

Furthermore, Babbel offers other interesting features, such as podcasts, games for practice, as well as live tutoring sessions, based upon the specific language that you’re learning. The Babbel lessons can be a bit monotonous and slow in certain instances, yet they can help you reach more fluency at the end.

Babbel is a learning app that’s subscription-based to aid you in learning 14 languages that are available through their platform. The app’s format is based on curriculum with pre-recorded material and no live interaction.

A majority of the users of Babbel appear to be a group of learners who are only beginning in the process of learning a new language. It’s especially useful for those looking to acquire new vocabulary terms and to improve their sentence structure.

Another thing we’ve observed is that Babbel lets users move around levels if you think that it’s not advanced or novice for you. 

If you’d like to test Babbel before buying it, you can sign-up and get access to the first lessons in each course for no cost. This version for free of Babbel is extremely limited, however. To enjoy all features, you require to sign up for a subscription.

3. Memrise

Platforms : Android, iOS & Web

Pricing : Free & Subscription

Memrise is a flashcard app that makes use of spaced repetition in order to help you retain phrases and words more efficiently. It also incorporates game-like features like points and leaderboards, to keep you on track. Overall, it’s very effective for those who are just beginning to master an unfamiliar language but it might not work for students who have more experience. Although Memrise is great to help you learn vocabulary, it’s not able to teach anything else. It’s best to utilize more comprehensive apps like Babbel or Duolingo in addition to Memrise.

It’s not just about learning languages, however. Memrise can also help you learn and other subjects like economics, math, science and many others. However, the learning of languages is the main area of focus. Memrise is interactive and offers you quizzes and exercises, making it more than just a flashcard application. The free version of the service is extremely good, which makes this one of our most-loved free apps for learning languages.

Memrise offers content for English users as well as those who speak other languages. The most well-known classes for English users are Italian, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. You can join any number of languages you’d like, even if you’re a free member like you do on our favorite Duolingo.

These languages are highlighted due to their popularity, and also because they offer a wealth of information that is well-structured and created in-house by Memrise.

4. Rosetta Stone

Platforms : Android, iOS & Web

Pricing : Free & Subscription

When you’re learning a language at your own pace using software, it’s essential to set realistic expectations. Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly one of the most popular language learning programs. Utilize Rosetta Stone faithfully for a couple of months and you’ll be able to read, speak and write, as well as comprehend basic phrases and words. Rosetta Stone is the best fully-featured language learning software that we recommend.

Although Rosetta Stone will help you to build a solid foundation it’s not going to allow you to become proficient. If you’re beginning to feel that you’ve reached your limit in learning through Rosetta Stone You may require pushing yourself to situations where you’re actually making use of the language, instead of responding to the application. The best method to accomplish that is through discussions with your personal tutor or friends. 

Unfortunately , the business of language learning is very similar to that of the fitness industry. Members of gyms purchase memberships, and then stop going as they do with Spanish programs to learn; however, they don’t take classes. The same thing applies to language learning.

In order to master a language it is necessary to devise the right plan to solve the human behavior issues of keeping yourself motivated, spending your studies on time, and sticking to a program of learning which is proven to be effective.

5. Pimsleur

Platforms : Android, iOS & Web

Pricing : Subscription

Pimsleur takes a very different approach from other apps. Pimsleur offers an audio-based language program that is accessible online via its website or application. The lessons are divided into 30 minute lessons. Pimsleur recommends that you complete one lesson every day. The majority of the material is recorded, however, every lesson is accompanied by optional short reading lessons and pronunciation, in addition to flashcards and games that assist you in learning new words.

Pimsleur emphasizes conversations, teaching vocabulary and grammar in a context. There aren’t lists of vocabulary words to learn and no charts of conjugation, and virtually nothing to interact with. If you’ve tried studying a language using the language tape the method you are using will seem familiar. 

Pimsleur is also a bit expensive. Pimsleur offers both a free seven-day trial, and an alternative pricing scheme. Would you rather pay a fixed monthly cost? You can sign up for the Pimsleur subscription that is $14.95 monthly.

Pimsleur currently has fifty-nine languages available including more than 200 classes covering different dialects. Pimsleur also provides fourteen variants of the English language program that is specifically designed specifically for people who speak fourteen languages spoken in their native language.


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