The Top 5 Best Educational Android Games for Toddlers Ages 1-4 [2022]

Finding the Best Educational Android Games for your toddler can be a tricky task. Children have a natural curiosity and eagerness to be educated, but their attention spans tend to be too short for educational-only games. 

They require a lot of fun as well, particularly since playing is among the main ways toddlers are taught about the world that surrounds them.

We as parents want to watch our children grow through play. The most popular toddler android games blend simple, fun playtime with opportunities to learn.

You might not know where to begin teaching your kids using your smartphone or tablet. They will learn faster than you think and will then be able to surpass your understanding of the device. 

Here are some 5 best educational android games for toddlers age between 1-4 years.

1. Piano Kids – Music & Songs

Link: Android

Downloads: 100 Million+

Rating: 4.2 Star

Piano Kids Music and Songs in post image

Piano Kids – Music & Songs is a great fun music box designed specifically for toddlers age between 1-4 years to help them learn how to play musical instruments, enjoy songs, and exploring various music sounds, and developing the musical skills.

It’s a lot of fun to entertain toddlers and children to relax and learn to play musical instruments using authentic sound effects. The user interface for the game  is vivid & vibrant. It will entice your child because it teaches songs while playing games that are exciting.

This Android Game offers four modes: Music, Instruments, Sound and Play.

Your child will be able to improve his abilities, not just in the field of music, but also in other areas as well. Piano Kids assists in developing imagination, memory, concentration and creativity , in addition to the ability to move, think, speech and sensory input. 

It also teaches them how to pronounce colors and flags, geometric shapes, geometric symbols as well as the letters and numbers that make up the alphabet in various languages.

2. Baby Games: 2-4 year old Kids

Link: Android

Downloads: 10 Million+

Rating: 4.5 Star

Baby Games 2 4 year old kids in post image

This Game app has 15 unique and entertaining games suitable for toddlers age between 2-4 year. Keep your toddlers entertained with a variety of educational games that will assist them in developing their skills, while having enjoyable time.

Your toddler  will be taught colors, shapes , and follow simple stories about thematic themes. As a child, they enjoy caring for cute animals or sorting things by size, color , and shapes.

Tested and designed by experts in child development, for children who are in kindergarten most notably for 1-4 year old girls and boys. A simple interface, and gameplay, along with regular tips will make sure that your child is never confused or lost within the game.

In addition, all settings and links to outbound are secure and not accessible to your toddler.

3. Kids Balloon Pop Game

Link: Android

Downloads: 10 Million+

Rating: 4.2 Star

Kids Balloon Pop Game in post image

A classic balloon-popping game for toddlers, featuring vibrant illustrations, cute animals, and different backgrounds! Learn Languages or develop vocabulary in 10 languages! You can also alter the size and speed of the balloons depending on your toddler age.

There are many game modes that are available in ten different languages:

  • Normal. Balloon popping for enjoyment. It is great for toddlers as a baby activity
  • A-Z. Make balloons with letters of the alphabet and then hear the word for the letter read out loud.
  • 1 – 20. Then, pop the balloons that contain numbers, and then hear the names of the numbers spoken out loud.
  • Colors. Make balloons in different colors and listen for what the names of colors are out loud.
  • Shapes: Learn fundamental geometric shapes. 

4. Math Kids: Math Games For Kids

Link: Android

Downloads: 10 Million+

Rating: 4.1 Star

Maths Kids Math Game for Kids in post image

Math Kids is a free learning game that teaches your toddler numbers and math. It includes a variety of mini-games that preschoolers and toddlers are able to enjoy as well, and the better they play it, the more proficient their mathematical abilities will improve.

Math Kids will assist kindergarteners, preschoolers, and 1st graders recognize numbers and begin training by using subtraction and addition puzzles. They’ll enjoy playing activities and collecting stickers and you’ll enjoy a good moment watching them grow and develop.

Math Kids features a number of games that will teach your child the child to play for example:

  • Counting – Discover how to count objects with this easy activity of addition.
  • Compare – Children can develop their skills in counting and comparing to determine which of the things is more or less important.
  • Add Puzzle – A fun mini-game in which kids solve math-related problems by dragging numbers across the screen.
  • Add Fun – Count the objects and tap the number you’re missing.
  • Add Quiz – Test your child’s math and addition abilities on the line.
  • Subtracting Puzzle Fill with the missing symbols in the math equation.
  • Add the objects to complete the puzzle!
  • Subtracting Quiz: See how your child has progressed in their mathematical skills to subtraction.

If kids are able to play while learning it increases their chances to remember facts. They also feel compelled to keep learning and can give them a major boost once they begin kindergarten.

Math Kids also includes several features that aid parents to monitor and manage their child’s advancement. Modify game modes to make them more or less challenging, or review reports to view scores from previous rounds.

4. Bini Drawing for kids games

Link: Android

Downloads: 10 Million+

Rating: 4.1 Star

Bini Drawing for kids games in post image

Bini Drawing for Kids Games will help your  toddler to learn drawing and painting.  Kids draw and color their drawings are brought to life through fun games for children. Drawings transform into miniature cartoons.

This is a collection of more than 100 challenges where the child draws by following the simple voice prompts that we provide in our coloring game.

The technology behind children’s drawing apps that are free incorporates animation and drawing. Children can learn how to draw using the lines of the template. The child improves their fine motor skill, and learns to draw the sun, an automobile, a cat and many more. Small projects help children to express themselves and create.

Some Key Features of the Game are follows:

  • 300+ fun and colorful illustrations and sounds
  • Possibility of saving your drawings
  • 100+ adorable characters to color for coloring for toddlers
  • Simple and simple interface for toddler games designed for boys and girls
  • Fun and unique painting games for children
  • Kids paint games with no cost
  • Parental control

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