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How to Promote an App: 5 Effective App Promotion Approach in 2022

This post will provide you with 5 Effective App Promotion strategies which help you beat your competition, and there is huge competition. There are currently millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store.

If you think app users will suddenly migrate to your app by magic, think again. There is intense competition. We recommend that you have an excellent app promotion strategy in place before your launch app in either of the stores. Treat it the same way as any other digital product launch.

Don’t worry if you haven’t. Because we have a good experience in mobile app marketing for a while now, we know what works when it comes to app promotion. 

As a primary rule of marketing, you should spend as much time marketing/promoting your product as creating it.

This same principle can be applied to Mobile Apps. Years of development should be translated into months or years of promotion.

Promoting your app is easier and more efficient when you have good guidance. This comprehensive guide will help you market your app and improve your app marketing strategy.

Marketers who have tried their hand at app marketing know how hard it can be to choose how to market an application. It can be daunting. There are many different apps that use different marketing strategies for app marketing, and each one has a different level of success.

The most difficult part of getting your app to the top of the store charts is not building it. You can get there faster than you think if you have the right app launch marketing plan.

1. ASO (App Store Optimization)

App Store Optimization (ASO), is the process of increasing an app’s visibility within the app stores. It has the goal of increasing app downloads by improving their visibility.

ASO is primarily focused on two pillars keyword optimization and conversion rates optimization.

Every app store has tips and tools that can help increase a mobile app’s visibility and ranking.

While the exact algorithm behind app store apps is not known, it is likely that there are several factors that drive traffic to mobile apps. You can improve your ranking and increase organic engagement by continuing optimization. The more traffic you have to your app store page, the more traffic your app will get.

  • Icon

Simple icons are easy to remember and easily recognizable. Your app icon will blend in with the rest if it isn’t bold and unique.

You should also consider incorporating the content of your app into the icon design.

The Amazon icon is an excellent example of a bold and unique shape that integrates the app’s purpose in the design. Have a look at these:

It is easy to see that the icons are made up of only three colors and simple shapes.

The app is too full of elements. You can tell what’s happening in the larger version but it’s very difficult to understand the meaning of all the elements in the smaller version. This is a problem because people will see the smaller version on their mobile devices.

Your app icon design does not have to be literal. However, it should reflect some aspect of your app’s overall functionality. This will allow people to quickly see the app’s value by simply looking at its icon.

The app will be small on the screen of the user when you design it. This means that too many colors and too much detail can make your app look stale.

Limit your design to just two or three colors, and avoid over-detailing the design. Your app icon design will stand out more if it is simple.

You might also notice similar appearances to many app icons when you browse the app store. While red and blue dominate the landscapes, green is quite popular. You’ll also notice that most app icons are limited to one or two colors.